Delivering Painted Walls & Smiling Faces

High-quality Commercial Painting in Metro Detroit, by The Paintly Company

Having an alluring commercial property is essential for any Metro Detroit business. One of the best ways to improve your business’s visual appeal is to give it a fresh coat of interior and exterior paint. The Paintly Company offers exceptional commercial painting in Bloomfield, Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, MI, and surrounding areas that will transform your property into a first-class establishment at a price you can afford.

The Paintly Company is one of Metro Detroit’s most trusted commercial painting companies. We specialize in first-class interior and exterior painting that will breathe new life into even the most unsightly commercial properties. If you want your commercial building to be the best it can be, contact The Paintly Company at (248) 965-5027.

HOA & Property Management Painting Services

Homeowners’ associations and property managers must maintain pristine properties to lead their neighborhoods by example. A new paint job can do wonders for any Metro Detroit HOA or management property, restoring its appearance in a few hours or less.

Our team will help your tenants fall in love with their apartments with marvelous painting services that enhance their allure inside and out.

Professional School, Hospital & Facility Painting Services

Giving schools, hospitals, and other facilities a fresh coat of paint is a great way to create a comfortable space for students and patients. It can set a professional yet relaxing tone while giving it a unique style that improves its appearance.

Reliable Hotel & Motel Painting Services

Every hotel and motel owner wants to give guests a comfortable and cordial place to stay while visiting Northville, MI, and surrounding areas. A welcoming interior and exterior with beautifully painted rooms will give guests a first-class experience they won’t soon forget.