Our Process

Here at the Paintly Company, we have a detailed process that helps us provide the best painting services for all our clients. You can check out our step-by-step process below:

  • First, the lead comes in, schedules a phone consultation through Calendly, and gets the necessary pictures/information.
  • After that, we conduct the phone consultation. Ballpark numbers are also shared here.
  • Then, we meet with our client for a pre-paint inspection, finalize the scope, sign a contract, get the deposit, and schedule the project.
  • We will provide free color consultation if desired by the client.
  • Our team will conduct a pre-project touch base call.
  • After the pre-project touch base call, we will start working on your painting project.
  • Our team will maintain consistent communication throughout the process of your painting project.
  • As we finish your painting project. We will conduct a final walkthrough, and then we will collect the last paycheck.
  • Finally, we will follow up after two weeks.
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